The pros and cons of photography school according to

You’re aware of the cost but want to look further into study – let’s lay out the major pros and cons of photography school.


  • Better understanding of the art, its history and its development.
  • Refine your natural skills and learn from people who have succeeded  in the business.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of lighting and composition techniques.
  • Make connections throughout your degree that could help in your professional life.


  • Tuition expense is high and average yearly salaries are low, meaning it could take you decades to pay back your debt
  • Equipment is also super pricey, making it hard to balance the cost of lenses, cameras and accessories with the price of study.
  • Employment isn’t guaranteed, especially as art and photography degrees are limiting.
  • Possibility of having to go back to school to pursue more education if your photography career doesn’t flourish.

Which side carries more weight for you?